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Hattiesburg Counselor, Hattiesburg Parent Consultant, Hattiesburg Parent Consulting
Hattiesburg Counselor, Hattiesburg Parent Consultant
Hattiesburg Counselor, Hattiesburg Parent Consultant, Hattiesburg Parent Consulting

Parent Consulting


Being a parent is one of the most natural and rewarding experiences in life; yet, most of us have moments where we doubt our parenting abilities.  We question the best way to handle a situation, wonder if our child’s behavior is on target, and we find it difficult to consistently enforce consequences.  Parenting is not for the faint of heart.  Our parent consulting services will provide you with the critical guidance and support you need.


There is no handbook for being a successful parent.  However, there are many time-honored, well-researched practices that will help you become the most effective parent to your uniquely gifted and challenging child.  Our parenting experts are committed to helping you become a confident and effectual parent.  We will teach you techniques for managing difficult situations and behaviors, and we will provide support and feedback as you implement specific parenting strategies.  As you become more consistent, you will find yourself struggling less and enjoying your family more.  Oh, what a feeling!


Our professional counselors will help you to set limits, devise appropriate and consequences, and communicate with your children to develop a respectful and loving relationship.  If necessary, we will explore the way you were parented, and the manner in which your childhood affects the way you parent.   By overcoming the challenges that may have resulted from family of origin, you will become an empowered and confident parent who is able to respond to situations in a way that is compatible with your values.

Hattiesburg Counselor, Hattiesburg Parent Consulting, Hattiesburg Parent Consultant

Common Parenting Concerns

  • Effective discipline

  • Power Struggles

  • Preventing and managing temper tantrums

  • Stages of child and adolescent development

  • Conflicts in parenting styles

  • Peer relationships

  • Separation Anxiety

  • School Refusal

  • Developmentally appropriate behavior

  • Parent-child relationship

  • Increase children’s responsibility

  • Adolescent behavior

  • Communication techniques

  • Sibling Rivalry

Hattiesburg Counselor, Hattiesburg Parent Consulting, Parent Consultant, Parenting Help,

The Parenting Consulting Process

  • Complimentary phone consultation to discuss your concerns

  • Initial meeting to identify areas of difficulty 

  • Establish parenting and/or behavior goals

  • Design customized “treatment plan” targeting your concerns 

  • Develop specific steps to meet your goals

  • Meetings at our office, via phone, email or facetime/skype.  

  • Follow-ups to assess progress and provide support


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